One of the most common metals available in the market is tungsten. It is probably one of the strongest metals out there. It is utilized throughout a lot of industries in a wide range of applications, from the production of super-hard materials and electronics to aeronautics and alloys.  

However, why is tungsten so commonly used? Well, if you’re planning to purchase tungsten washers, here are several benefits you should know about this metal.  


Tungsten offers excellent corrosion-resistance property. It can be utilized in a variety of outdoor applications and corrosive environments. For instance, it’s especially helpful when prolonged exposure to corrosive materials such as solvents, acids, water, and much more.  

A marine environment is the most popular corrosive environment. A lot of metals aren’t able to deal with it. To be specific, saltwater is very corrosive to a lot of metals. Fortunately, the resistance of tungsten metal makes it very appropriate to such a harsh environment when alloyed with other metals. It allows it to be utilized in jewelry, fishing lures, and shipbuilding. 

Electronic Structure 

Tungsten metal is commonly utilized in the electronics industry because of its conductive properties. It is also utilized in environments involving high radiation levels due to its inertness. Because of this, tungsten is one of the primary sources of metal for x-ray targets. In addition to that, this type of metal is often utilized in metallic films, conductors, and electrodes.  

Low Thermal Expansion 

Out of all pure metals, tungsten has the lowest thermal expansion coefficient. This offers it the advantage of extra stability under severe heat compared to common manufacturing materials. It has a structural solidity unparalleled by other metals and is particularly helpful when firmness at high temperatures is needed.  

High Density  

Tungsten has an extremely high density. The truth is that it’s one of the highest densities among every metal. Because of this, it can hold a lot more weight in a smaller package and is usually utilized for applications where mass is needed in tiny sizes. For instance, tungsten is a great choice for making kinetic munitions, aircraft ballast, and racing car ballast.  

Tungsten is also utilized as an alternative metal for making jewelry. The density of this metal is very similar to gold. However, it is a lot more affordable.  

Also, this metal is used commonly to produce heavy metal alloys due to its high density. High-speed steel is one excellent example.  

Resistance to High Temperature 

Tungsten has the highest melting point compared to other metals. This can be greatly advantageous in particular occasions. For instance, it makes the metal a great material for high-temperature environments. Thus, it’s commonly utilized in construction industries, automatic industries, and aerospace.  

This metal is also utilized commonly to produce super alloys and normal alloys. It has a very high melting point and resistance to thermal creep. Thus, it helps the metal to be more durable. This makes it appropriate for more thermally intensive applications. On the other hand, other metals will usually fail at this point.