In this article, we will be outlining the major benefits of tungsten metal, which will aid us to further know the reason why USA Tungsten is widely used. 

Resistant to corrosion 

Tungsten is extremely corrosion-resistant, which can be utilized in a wide range of outdoor applications and corrosive environments. For instance, it’s especially useful if it’s exposed to corrosive substances for a long time—like solvents, acid, or water. It’s even resistant to the most corrosive substance to most metals—saltwater. Moreover, if tungsten is alloyed together with other materials, it’s resistance becomes very suited to a particularly extreme environment, allowing it to be used in jewelry, fishing lures, and in shipbuilding.  

Electronic structure 

Because of tungsten metal’s relative inertness and conductive properties, this metal is used widely in the environment and electronic industries that involve high radiation levels. Because of this, together with its extremely high density, this metal is among the major metal sources for high-energy radiation shielding like X-ray targets— since the extremely high density and relatively inert material is hard for x-rays to penetrate. Moreover, tungsten metal can commonly be used and found in metallic, conductors, and electrodes films.  

Low thermal expansion 

Out of all forms of pure metals, tungsten has the lowest thermal expansion coefficient. If contrasted to typical manufacturing materials like steel, this provides tungsten the advantage of additional stability under extreme heat. Moreover, it contains an unbeatable structural solidity compared to some materials and is particularly beneficial when thigh temperature rigidity is needed—like in jet engine turbine blades or carbide cutting tools.  


Tungsten is advantageous since it has an extremely high density. As a matter of fact, tungsten belongs to the metals with the highest density—measures almost 1.7 times higher compared to lead and19.3 times higher compared to water. Consequently, this metal can take more weight in a more minimal package, which is typically utilized for methods where mass is needed in tiny sizes.  

And because tungsten is high in density, it’s a great option for making kinetic munitions, aircraft ballast, and racing car ballast, which are supposed to be streamlined and small, yet can possibly transfer lots of energy.  

Tungsten is also widely utilized as an effective substitute metal for making jewelry since it has a density level that’s very similar to gold. However, tungsten jewelry is extremely cheaper to purchase.  

High temperature resistant 

Tungsten contains the highest melting point among all metals in their purest form. If you compare this to other more typical metals, having this characteristic can be very advantageous in particular scenarios. For instance, this makes the tungsten great material to be used in high-temperature environments. Perhaps this is the main reason why tungsten metal is extremely used widely in the construction, automatic, and aerospace industries.   

Strength in publication 

Tungsten is a very durable metal that has the highest tensile strength out of all types of pure metals. Though this makes it quite brittle under particular situations, in terms of the metal fabrication process, the rigidity of tungsten implies that it can be formed into extremely thin wires without breaking it.